I’ve worked with various metals for 40 years since 1974, after completing an apprenticeship in Welding, Fabrication and Sheetmetal work.

From the off I cover general smithing and metalwork, including MMA, MIG, and TIG welding, heavy and light fabrication, sheetmetal development, ductwork, fine limit sheetmetal and for the last 20 years Blacksmithing.

I was fortunate enough to be of that time when Engineering in this country was strong, having  been taught and worked with some of the most skilled tradesmen  in the business, Welders, Fabricators, Sheetmetal workers  and Smiths.

I’ve worked in the petrol/chemical industry building chimneys, oil tanks, boilers etc to structural steel work and making steel boats, film sets and building the access bridges for the Thames barrier.

I’ve worked on flight, tank and submarine  simulators for both the commercial and military sector. I also worked with a local Blacksmith and Master Farrier re-discovering and honing my skills before becoming  self employed as a smith in 1999. I’ve currently just made a replacement metre high navigation light beacon for the Littlehampton pier, commissioned by the harbour board.

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