Contemporary / Sculptures

As much as I love the purity of the Blacksmith’s craft, re-discovering  and reproducing the past, I live in the present. Just as the smiths of the past embraced new technology to make their lives easier, so do I but in moderation. This enables more speed, flexibility and augments the original craft.

I enjoy making contemporary pieces for the home and garden, mixing mediums like iron, glass, mirror glass and marble especially in the form of various table designs.

Iron and steel are great mediums to work with, taking  industrially used angle iron, rolled steel joists and chain, then turning them into useful unique sculptural furniture and lighting for the home.

I’ve always been interested in Surrealism, the likes of Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte fascinate me. I also followed and admired the work of the late Sir Anthony Caro, Naum Gabo and Phillip King.

So I suppose it was inevitable for me to combine Surrealism, forgework and metal fabrication to produce my sculptures.

See examples of my contemporary and sculptural work click here

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