My name is Thomas Harrison and I can reproduce ironwork through the ages; from the function first iron utility implements and weaponry of medieval times, to simple yet beautiful ironwork and ironmongery from the 17th Century. From the early scrollwork to art nouveau, all made using traditional skills and methods. Having done various commissions for re-enactment societies, Gilbert White’s house and the Weald and Downland Museum. read more»


As much as I love the purity of the Blacksmith’s craft, re-discovering and reproducing the past, I live in the present. Just as the smiths of the past embraced new technology to make their lives easier, so do I but in moderation. This enables more speed, flexibility and augments the original craft. I enjoy making contemporary pieces for the home and garden, mixing mediums like iron, glass, mirror glass and marble especially in the form of various table designs. Iron and steel are great mediums to work with, taking industrially used angle iron, rolled steel joists and chain, then turning them into useful unique sculptural furniture and lighting for the home. Read more»


After an apprenticeship I've worked with iron, steel and various metals since 1974. I cover general smithing and metalwork, including MMA, MIG, and TIG welding, heavy and light fabrication, sheetmetal development, ductwork, fine limit sheetmetal and for the last 20 years Blacksmithing. I have worked in the petrol/chemical industry building chimneys, oil tanks, boilers etc to structural steel work and making steel boats, film sets and building the access bridges for the Thames barrier. I worked on projects building flight, tank and submarine simulators for both the commercial and military sector. Read more»
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